Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh....I know a girl you could kiss....

Well hello my blogging friends! Sorry for the delay in the Man of the Week!  I'm still recovering from the kiddie birthday party (Gabe's) over the weekend (photos to come) and I still have one more to plan!!!  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

But....Boy do I have a treat for you!!!  I don't know about y'all but I LOVE ME SOME........

Wow!  I watched the American Music Awards the other night......sigh....he's so fine!

Lemme tell ya, I had to MAKE myself quit with the picture browsing...there were just soooo many and I sure loved looking at em....but I HAD to stop so I could finish this dang post!

So here I am, listening to his beautiful voice while typing....fun!  I need to add more musicians to the Man of the Week!  And BOY DO I HAVE A THING FOR MUSICIANS!  Especially the ones with guitars!

And my Keith is soooooo HOOOOOT right now!  Loving that song Kiss A Girl.....no he didn't re-do that Little Mermaid song...he he.  If memory serves my right, I think he wrote the song about his wife, Nicole Kidman....lucky gal!


There he is thinking of me...
and this is the shirt he says I look good in...ah hah hah...
CLICK HERE for the video to "You Look Good In My Shirt".

Here's a little about him:

Name: Keith Lionel Urban

Born: October 26, 1967

Birthplace: Whangarei, New Zealand

Occupation: Country Musician

Nationality: Australia

For more details, here's a cool biography on cmt.com! 

Oooooooh, love this photo....looks like he's walking towards me!

Okay, snap your jaw shut....you're drooling...no...that's me!

Remember that song, You'll think of Me?.....THAT'S the sweater...right?????
Don't remember the song?  He he...here's a video on YouTube.
CLICK HERE to see video.



Keith Urban has a You Tube channel.  A lot of the video embedding is disabled or not available in the U.S. so you can go to his channel to check out some performances!  A lot of it is live...from his tour, I believe!
CLICK HERE for his You Tube Channel.

I love how he's infused some pop music and rock n' roll into his songs!  LOVE EM!
And he's soooooo good when he sings LIVE!  I found this cute video of a prank that Taylor Swift played on him....real cute:

And here's another video clip with Taylor Swift singing Somebody Like You:

Wow, I'm in heaven...there's FIVE of them!

Hhhhhhot forearm tat!  Sexy....

LOVE his hair...but I kinda hate that's it's prettier than mine!

Here's my Keith writing me a song!  Uh huh.

And I ALWAYS seem to keep my men waiting...he's waiting for me to get ready cuz we had a hot date!

I got a cool shot of him at a performance!  Heh heh!

There he is again....waiting on Mo....he remembers to take his guitar so he can compose while he waits!

Disclaimer:  Okay, so you all know I'm kidding...right?  I am not claiming that I took these photos or made these videos (they are NOT mine, just ones I found as I searched).  Just in case I need to make this clear. 

Aw, how sweet is this photo?

Okay, just when you think it's over...IT'S NOT!!  Head on over to the Keith Urban Website (KeithUrban.net) to peek at photos, tour dates, merchandise and lots more Keith Urban goodness!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Man of the Week!

Sorry again for the delay....it'll be kinda rough this Holiday season with posting the Man of the Week on time...I may miss a couple!

So are you guys getting busy?????  Lucky me...I don't have to stress over Thanksgiving Dinner...one of the perks of poor cooking skills (a perk for me...not so much for the family)...he he!  I'm planning on buying a couple of awesome pies and ice cream and some really great wine...for my share of the work!  How are YOU planning on spending yours?