Friday, October 16, 2009

Oldies...but Goodies!

Okay ladies!  Here are the nominees for the October 26th Man of the Week!  Krystal actually picked them!  Great choices Krys! 
Now, I say "oldies" but by NO MEANS are these hunks old....more a good wine!  Yummmmmmmy!  Boy am I thirsty!  Maybe a more appropriate title would be....Olders...but Gooders????....maybe NOT!

Oh wow!  The LAST round of guys were great....but these guys are hhhhoooootttt!  Don't you agree?  Every single one of em!!  There's something about an older man. ....I DON'T THINK I CAN CHOOSE!!!  Can you? 

Denzel Washington
I've ALWAYS been a fan!!!  LOVE his smile.....LOVE his laugh.

Pierce Brosnan
My Grandma adored this man in Remington Steel....he he...remember that show?  She couldn't decide between this guy and The Hoff on Nightrider!!  Sorry Hoffster, you didn't make it onto this list...but don't you worry...we got another category you'd be perfect in!  LOL!  Looking at Pierce Brosnan reminds me of my dear Grandmother who passed away when I was in High School.

LOVED him in Mrs. Doubtfire when Robin Williams takes the teeth from the wine class and waves it in the air to dry in front of his face...remember his face????  LOVE THAT SCENE!

Richard Gere
And this man is one of my Mom's favorites!!!  She was in LOVE with him in Pretty Woman!  I love it when he gets that wistful look...and he does the smile with his eyes!!!  Sigh.......I'll be your PRETTY WOMAN ANY DAY!

Andy Garcia
Hubba Hubba...if I could pick one man from the list I'd would have to be good ol Super Sexy Andy Garcia!  Something bout them Latin men drive me nuts!  I'm a sucker for dark-haired men with dark brown intense eyes!  Woooooooooo!

George Clooney
And George.....oh GEORGE!  I love the gray at his temples!  He also does that "smile with the eyes" thing...but not as good as Richard Gere.  But I do love that thing he does when he needs to say something and you can see it in his face...and his mouth is parted, but he can't seem to talk...know what I mean?????  Can you tell I stare these men and watch their movies over and over and over and over again????
Well there you are!  The new poll is up on the sidebar!  Vote for your fave!  I STILL CAN'T DECIDE!!!