Monday, October 26, 2009


My first post! And I'm glad it's about the Oldies But Goodies winner.......

George Clooney!

I'm sure my sister would've loved doing this post, because I've been looking through George Clooney pictures and YouTube videos for a WHILE now, and I must say it was time well spent :) Both of her computers are down and she's not sure when they'll be fixed. Hopefully soon, but until then you have George to look at!

I have to admit I've never seen an episode of ER...when I was younger I was too busy with boy band crushes. I think I first saw him in Batman & Robin, but it wasn't until Ocean's Eleven when I realized what a "goody" he is ;)

Here we have the relaxed, laid-back, T-shirt version of George Clooney:

Or, you might like the well-polished, red carpet Clooney:

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And if you need to see George in action, here's a link to a video clip of him on Oprah:

And a funny one from his new movie, The Men Who Stare at Goats:

Well this was fun. Hopefully decent for my first time here. And not a bad way to start my Monday!

-- Krystal